Graphic Designer


I am a seasoned and versatile, senior-level Graphic Designer with over 19 years of experience in a variety of markets and industries.

I’ve done print, web, email templates, marketing and some video production.

My top three soft skills are:

1. Listening to you and working with you to find just the right solution to your design needs.

2. Finding just the right image, font and/or color to create or reinforce your brand.

3. Keeping files organized. Who wants to spend hours looking for a photo?

I am also an accomplished and published photographer with experience in branding, headshot, event and product photography.

Top three random things about me:

1. I’m a yoga teacher! Om, shanti.

2. I’ve got a nice, balanced brain. Not all left, not all right.

3. I am a flower junkie! I love flowers of all kinds and have probably taken thousands of photos of them!

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