It’s All About the Magic

Hi! I’m Mina and I’m a Creative Director and Graphic Designer with nearly 20 years of experience. I’m also a Photographer who is dedicated to creating authentic, dynamic, engaging and strategic images. Most important, I am a magical and mystical Creatrix and my main goal is helping people and businesses to play big and shine bright.

The magic that happens when we join together is undeniable. I use my intuitive vision (right brain!) and my pragmatic approach (left brain!) to create exactly what you need, whether that’s a logo, a website, branding images or other marketing collateral.

One of my magical gifts is my versatility. I’ve worked with corporations, communications firms, nonprofits and small businesses in a variety of industries. My ability to transcend genres allows me to fuel and stoke my creative juices. It also means that when I’m working with you, my focus is on your needs and creating something that resonates with you and your audience.

I’m an expert in Adobe CC so I’ve got those hard skills down. Here are my top three soft skills:

1. Listening to you and working with you to find just the right solution to your design needs.

2. Finding just the right image, font and/or color to create or reinforce your brand.

3. Keeping files organized. Who wants to spend hours looking for a photo? I certainly don’t!

And now, to get to know me a little better here’s a few random facts about me:

Top three random things about me:

1. I’m a yoga teacher! Om, shanti.

2. I’m an astrology nerd. Gemini Sun, Leo Rising and Scorpio Moon. I’ve also got a stellium in Gemini, so I am, without a doubt, here to communicate! The stars say so.

3. I am a flower junkie! I love flowers of all kinds and have probably taken thousands of photos of them.

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